Uncle Matt's Organic 12 oz Orange Energy

12 oz. Organic Orange Energy with Coffeeberry®

Want a little more ‘giddyup’ throughout your day? With the superpower Coffee Fruit inside from Coffeeberry® Coffee Fruit Extract, our 12 oz bottle of Organic Orange Energy contains 100mg of caffeine per bottle from the coffee fruit, which has been sustainably harvested from the coffee bean. Combined with the antioxidant awesomeness of orange juice, you’re drinking the ultimate energy boost.

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Not recommended for children.

About our Orange Juice:

All of our fruit is grown using USDA certified organic methods. Our family’s philosophy rests on building a healthy soil, which in turn builds a healthy tree and great tasting fruit. Farming without the use of harmful pesticides is better for you and the environment…your tastebuds will agree.

• No Added Sugar
• USDA Organic
• Not from Concentrate
• 150% RDA for Vitamin C
• B Vitamins
• Potassium
• Gluten Free
• Vegan
• Kosher

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