Our mission is pure, organic & simple.

We're growing a healthy generation.

The real-life uncle to ten nieces and nephews, Matt McLean ventured into the organic juice business in 1999 with a passion for healthy living as well as a long family history of growing citrus in Florida. Matt’s goal was, and still is, to produce the highest quality juice, using only premium 100% organically-grown fruit that is free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

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Black elderberry plus vitamins

D, C and Zinc for immunity


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Our new Superfruit Punch

is 45 calories per serving

and contains no added sugar

and no junk.

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Get a wellness boost with

Ultimate Defense containing !

live probiotics & tumeric!

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As the nation's #1 selling organic orange juice company, we’re committed to growing and producing tasty, good for you organic juices and products. Our products are free of synthetic pesticides and GMOs and we are certified Glyphosate Residue Free by the Detox Project.

Love at First Sip.


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Rave Reviews

Hi Uncle Matt! Just had a glass of your DELICIOUS organic Ultimate Defense and I am kicking up my heels I can taste the love you put into this beverage. I had to share with you and say many “Thank you’s” and I will be long time Uncle Matt’s beverage fan!

Carol M.

I’m reaching out today to let you know that it was really LOVE at the first sip. I’ve tried the Ultimate Defense juice today for the first time and I cannot wait to go back and get more and try other flavors of your juices. I am pretty sure they will all taste great. I’ve een looking for tasty healthy juices for my big family for ages and I’m so grateful I found your brand!

Rene D.

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that your Ultimate Immune  juice is an amazing product. When I first saw it in my local grocery store I purchased it immediately and have done so for the last two months. Thank you for creating an amazing product without any unnecessary additives or junk. My family appreciates you so much! Keep doing what you’re doing.

Simone M.

I purchased my first bottle of your orange juice a few weeks ago and I hesitated at first, due to the price. I normally wouldn’t pay that much for juice… but in the past, any quantity of “fresh”juice of that size, usually tastes very flat. But this is not the case with yours. I’ve since purchased a few more bottles every time I make my grocery rounds. I know your juice sets itself apart from the others, because this past week it was out of stock (that’s how popular it’s becoming), and I caved and bought one of your competitors… and I was highly disappointed, it just didn’t compare! So I am forever your customer, and have zero regrets spending that much on juice. It’s very much worth it, and more importantly, you are saving my immune system. I appreciate your product more than you know. Thank you, all the way from Southern California.

Laura F.

I really enjoy these products being that I am a diabetic! They really help my immune system. Keep up the good work on your products!

Sharonsky J.

This is the best juice I have found. The Ultimate Defense is great.

Maria Bailey

Your Ultimate Immune is the best drink ever! I have one everyday.

Unique Dior

I just picked up two bottles and was hesitant at first. I was worried it wasn’t going to taste good. But I actually love it! I will be buying more for sure. 😍


I just tried the strawberry lemonade. It was so good. My favorite though is the ultimate immune 😍 thank you for not adding sugar ❤️❤️