Uncle Matt's Organic Grapefruit Juice

52 oz. Organic Grapefruit Juice

Invigorate the day with our tasty blend of 100% Florida-grown Ruby Red and robust White Grapefruit Juice! Naturally packed with vitamins C, B vitamins, potassium and folate, this nutritious pick-me-up has everything your body craves. Plus, it’s Benny’s favorite; there's not a day he doesn't pour himself a tall, cold glass!

• No Added Sugar
• USDA Organic
• Not from Concentrate
• Rich in Vitamin C
• B Vitamins
• Potassium
• Gluten Free
• Vegan
• Kosher


Did you know?

Just like orange juice, grapefruit juice is full of vitamin C. It’s also a source of calcium, folic acid, phosphorus and potassium. What you might not know is that there’s a bounty of health benefits derived from grapefruit’s powerful phytonutrients –– like free radical-fighting lycopene and disease-deterring limonoids.

All of Uncle Matt’s flavorful and delicious grapefruit juice comes from its family of dedicated organic citrus growers. Available in 52 oz. size, the juice is not-from-concentrate, flash-pasteurized and USDA certified organic.

Go ahead and taste for yourself why organic grapefruit juice has been Benny's favorite for decades.

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52 oz Grapefruit Nut Facts