Uncle Matt's Organic Orange Juice with Turmeric and Probiotics

52 oz Organic Matt50TM Reduced Calorie OJ

Yes, you can have your juice and drink it, too! This isn’t your ordinary take on a light beverage. Matt50 features all the goodness of our flagship organic orange juice with just 50 calories per serving! Matt50 is guilt free when it comes to calories, but still boasts the functional and wellness benefits you want in your orange juice – Vitamin C, prebiotics, probiotics, calcium, potassium, folate and more!

·      100% Vitamin C
·      1 gram prebiotics
·      1 billion probiotics
·      No added sugar
·      10g of fruit sugar
·      No added sugar
·      Supports immune & digestive health
·      USDA Certified Organic
·      Vegan
·      Kosher
·      Gluten Free


Our Organic Orange Juice is...

A family recipe. Our juice is a delicious blend of organic Hamlin and Valencia oranges developed over four generations.

Soft squeezed for maximum flavor. We squeeze every piece of fruit using the FMC premium juice machines. These machines are set for optimum flavor by reducing the average pressure while squeezing. This helps reduce the potential for any bitterness from the peel, and keeps our juice tasting fresh.

Organically grown. All of our fruit is grown using USDA certified organic methods. Our family’s philosophy rests on building a healthy soil, which in turn builds a healthy tree and great tasting fruit. Farming without the use of harmful pesticides is better for you and the environment…your tastebuds will agree.

• BPA Free. We care about the health of customers and the environment. Our bottles are PET #1, not 3, 6, or 7. PET #1 is the most recyclable form of plastic and the safest for food and juices. It also does not contain the harmful and dangerous chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA), like some other plastics.

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