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Kids Central, Inc. is a lead nonprofit agency focused on preventing child abuse in Central Florida counties. In this area, over 1,600 children are no longer living with a parent or guardian due to unsafe living circumstances such as neglect, trauma or abuse. The needs are great for these at-risk children, and Kids Central is working diligently to protect their welfare in our local community.

The organization has three main focuses: protecting children, supporting families and engaging communities.

Through a combination of these initiatives, Kids Central leads several programs to support these families. From fostering and adopting, to family resources for expectant mothers, infants, young adults and caregivers, Kids Central prioritizes any action that contributes to children’s health and safety. Uncle Matt’s is proud to support Kids Central in their efforts to build better futures for children and families.

A portion of sales from all of our organic orange juices will be donated to this organization.