Find, Feed & Restore offers multiple housing solutions for families with children including Housing First, Affordable Housing and Homelessness Avoidance.

Many families with children unfortunately find themselves in undesirable living situations. Homelessness is a growing problem, and Florida is ranked 5th in the nation for the number of children without proper shelter. Whether that be living in tents or cars or being on the verge of losing their home, each of these circumstances puts strain on young children during their critical developmental years.
Find, Feed & Restore is an organization working to bring hope to the homeless in Central Florida. Providing adequate shelter for families with children is at the heart of their mission. They meet families where their needs are greatest by offering a variety of housing solutions. Homeless families may be given a temporary place to call home in the form of a restored travel trailer. Here they are provided with resources to rebuild their livelihood through up to 12 months of paid rent and utility expenses as well as budgeting classes so they can save for their next home.
Affordable housing is offered as a longer-term solution to allow working families a place to live at an affordable rent price. Homelessness Avoidance is a third program which helps families regain stability by creating a budget and covering a couple months of major expenses so they don’t lose their home.
Uncle Matt’s is proud to support Find, Feed & Restore in their efforts to ensure sufficient housing for children. A portion of sales from all of our organic orange juices will be donated to this organization.


Find, Feed & Restore allows families with children to live rent and utilities free for 6 to 12 months while we offer budgeting classes, career assistance and mentoring. We bring families from Homeless To Hopeful. 


Our Hannah Grace Gardens properties offer affordable housing for working families with children. The rent is less than the surrounding areas, giving familes that work in the area an oppotunity to live there also.


We all have emergencies that can put us behind on our rent/mortgage. This program creates a budget with you, and if it is feasible, will cover 1 to 3 months of rent/mortgage paments to help you regain stability.