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Now that you’re juiced up, you’re going to love what’s up next…

Introducing: Matt50TM Reduced Calorie Organic OJ

Yes, you can have your juice and drink it, too! Matt50TM is coming soon to a retailer near you! This isn’t your ordinary take on a light beverage. Matt50 features all the goodness of our flagship organic orange juice with just 50 calories per serving! Our new guilt-free juice boasts –

·      50 calories per serving
·      100% Vitamin C
·      1 gram prebiotics
·      1 billion probiotics
·      10g of fruit sugar
·      No added cane sugar
·      Supports immune & digestive health
·      USDA Certified Organic
·      Vegan
·      Kosher
·      Gluten Free


Kids Juice Boxes: No Sugar Added Lemonade + No Sugar Added Strawberry Lemonade

The mom-approved juice boxes you’ve been waiting for! Uncle Matt’s Organic No Sugar Added Lemonade Juice boxes feature a kid-friendly design without the added sugar. Our juice boxes are filled with the functional and wellness benefits your kids deserve in their favorite juice drink.

Your kids will be in love at first sip®!

·      Shelf stable
·      150% Vitamin C
·      25% Vitamin D & Zinc
·      Sweetened with stevia and NO added cane sugar
·      Lemonade has 0g of fruit sugar
·      Strawberry lemonade has 1g of fruit sugar
·      Only 10 calories per juice box
·      USDA Certified Organic
·      No synthetic pesticides
·      No artificial flavors or preservatives
·      Vegan
·      Kosher
·      Gluten Free