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Our mission is to grow a healthy generation, one sip at a time, and we want you to join Uncle Matt’s on our mission!

We’re doing everything we can to bring Uncle Matt’s Organic beverages to grocery stores near you, but we can definitely use your assistance. If your local grocery store, co-op, natural health foods store or other fine retailer doesn’t carry Uncle Matt’s Organic, you can print out the form available for download below, circle which organic, tasty flavors you’re wanting, and bring it to your store’s manager. Don’t forget to let us know on Facebook or Twitter what store you visited, so we can follow up about your request and send you some coupons when we get in as a thank you!

In the meantime, be sure to visit our Store Locator to find Uncle Matt’s Organic beverages near you, and “Like” us on Facebook  and Instagram for new store announcements!

Download our Product Request Form

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