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Apple Iced Tea

This deliciously simple Organic Apple Iced Tea will dazzle any palate with its refreshing fall flavors. It’s loaded with healthy antioxidants from Uncle Matt’s Organic cloudy-style, unfiltered apple juice and…

Orange Defense Cocktail

Happy hour + immune boosting ingredients? Yes, please! Try this delish Orange Defense Cocktail which has savory sage and Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Defense Juice with turmeric AND probiotics for…

Lemonade Peach Frosé

Ever tried a Lemonade Peach Frosé slushie? It’s the ultimate weekend R&R drink! Each sip is crisp, semi-sweet, fruity and refreshing, and you don’t need any fancy equipment or bar…

Uncle Matt’s Greyhound Cocktail

This sweet and savory cocktail featuring Uncle Matt’s Grapefruit Juice is accented with fresh, organic rosemary and is perfect for your evening wind-down and can be scaled easily for entertaining….

Orange Power Immunity Smoothie

Take charge of the day ahead and power your body with this delish Orange Power Immunity Smoothie! Made with Uncle Matt’s Organic Orange Juice, organic carrots, organic apples, plus ginger…

Grapefruit Mimosa

Love mimosas but looking for a creative twist? Try this recipe for a Grapefruit Mimosa with rosemary syrup. The pretty pink color makes this a festive option for a special…




Main Dishes


OJ Cookie Balls

  Ingredients 1 12 oz box organic vanilla wafer cookies, crushed 3/4 cup organic powdered sugar 1/2 cup organic walnut pieces or any other chopped nut 3/4 cup shredded organic…